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Monkey Caught Trying To Have Sex With A Deer

The disturbing moment a wild monkey attempted to have sex with a deer has been caught on camera.

Researchers captured the shocking moment a Japanese Macaque male mounted a female Silka deer in only the second observed inter-species mating attempt.

According to researchers, the monkey didn't penetrate the deer, but did ejaculate on its back.

"Ejaculation seemed to have occurred as the deer licked the seminal liquid after the mount," they said. "This might indicate that the sperm could be a good source of protein to the deer."

So there's that.

Apparently the reason for the bizarre behaviour is due to a hormonal surge in the monkey during breeding season.

It is only the second time that two animals from different species have been seen mating; in 2014, a fur seal was filmed mating with a king penguin.

Source: Daily Mail

Image: Alexandre Bonnefoy via Daily Mail

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