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We're In For ANOTHER Record-Breakingly Hot Day In NSW

Correct us if we're wrong but there's supposed to be a season in between winter and summer, no?

Just days after parts of Sydney hit record-breakingly high temperatures, areas of NSW are expected to experience their hottest September weather in recorded history.

Bourke - which, granted, is in the far west of the state - is predicted to reach a jaw-dropping 42 degrees on Wednesday, giving it the dubious honour of being the hottest EVER September day in NSW.

Queensland, not to be outdone, is also tipped to shatter records with a regional town called Birdsville aiming for a 43 degree day.

The allegedly spring weather has been described as an "unusual, intense, early-season event" by Scott Williams, senior forecaster on the extreme weather desk at the Bureau of Meteorology.

"Some [of the predicted temperatures] would break records by as much as two to three degrees, so it's very significant," he said.

Those of us closer to the city will, thankfully, escape the extreme weather this weekend but it sounds like it might be time to start digging out the fans.

Summer is coming.

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