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Western Sydney Heatwave to Continue Until Thursday

While most of Sydney has been spared any extreme heat so far this summer thanks to some cool sea breezes, if you live out west you'll need to be prepared to crank up the AC for the next few days.

A full-on heatwave spreading across from central Australian is settling in for the next few days.

Sydney will experience temperatures around the high 20s and mid 30s for most of the week, while in in Penrith after a top of 36 degrees yesterday, it's expected to hit 38 degrees today, 35 tomorrow and 38 degrees again on Wednesday.

A south-easterly wind from the coast on Thursday will cool things down slightly, before creeping up again on Friday ahead of the weekend.


“Friday will be the worst for most inland parts of NSW, with temperatures into the high 30s and low 40s,” Senior Forecaster Neale Fraser told

“On Thursday we will see a cool change into the mid-twenties, but that will bounce back into the mid to high thirties across much of NSW.

“It won’t be until Sunday when we will see relief again.”

The hot weather continues on from the temperatures felt across the country in 2016, which was the fourth-warmest on record for Australia.


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