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Western Sydney Pet Owners Horrified After Spate Of Attacks

Worried western Sydney pet owners are calling for justice after a spate of animal cruelty attacks in Penrith.

Honey, a Jack Russell Terrier, had only been missing from her home in Werrington for an hour before her distressed family found her mutilated body in a neighbouring yard last Tuesday.

A local vet, who examined Honey, confirmed that her injuries were not caused by another animal; her fur had been hacked off and her paws were partially cut through with a knife.

"She had no puncture wounds," Honey's owner Diane Newham told "So the vet said it was not a possum or any sort of animal attack.

"He was particularly interested in her back leg, where it looked like someone had tried to cut it off.

"He said the cut was too clean and too straight, he suggested something like a stanley knife would have done that."

While Honey's death is the only reported mutilation in the area, Ms Newham said that a number of decapitated ducklings at been found at a nearby lake in recent weeks and a neighbour's cat had also been tortured and killed.

Another Werrington resident, Lauren Sedaca, claims her cat Ginger was taken a few months ago and found 20km with her stomach cut open; when the family posted on a Penrith lost and found Facebook group, they discovered a number of similar cases.

"We discovered that she was not just one cat that had been taken and killed," Ms Sedaca's mum Jenny said. "We found out that had been at least 20 other cats."

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