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Melbourne Man Allegedly Found Maggots In Coles Chook

A Coles shopper has claimed to have found maggots squirming around on a roast chicken he bought from a supermarket.

The disgusting video has been posted online by customer Darryl Colville and shows more than a dozen maggots crawling inside a bag containing a Coles roast chicken.

Colville claims the bag was still sealed after he bought it and the footage was filmed immediately 'BBQ chicken I bought today with maggots sealed in [the] bag,' he wrote on the Coles Facebook page as he posted the grim video online on Sunday.

Another picture posted online appears to show as many as 20 maggots inside the plastic bag.

There is not an official count on how many were actually in the plastic bag.

The shopper said he bought the roast chicken from a Coles store in Horsham, Victoria.

There has been no public response from Coles but they have been in touch with Mr Colville.

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