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Will Your House Be Underwater In The Future?

For anyone who refutes to admit that climate change is real, the new projections published could quite literally, hit home.

The latest global climate projections from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Coastal Risk Australia have been released, basically to show us how screwed anyone by the coast or in low-lying areas could be.

According to the projections, if the ice caps keep melting at the current rate, in approx 80 years time (the year 2100) our sea levels could be a huge two metres higher.

That might not sound like a lot, so to demonstrate the impact they've published a map with the data overlaid... and it's looking a tad bit soggy for some.

Sydney Olympic Park looks set to become a great venue for water sports...


Sydney Airport looks like it might need some more seaplanes...


Woolloomooloo's prime waterfront real estate might not be worth all that much anymore...


And Sea Life Sydney Aquarium could literally be, in the sea...


But hey, at least it looks like Sydney won't be as royally screwed as Melbourne... sucks to be them!


If you want to check out Coastal Risk Australia's website for yourself, click here.

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