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Woman Makes Miraculous Escape From Light Plane Crash

A woman in his 50s has miraculously walked away without serious injury from a light plane crash in Sydney’s south-west.

The small plane is believed to have been doing circuit training near Bankstown airport when it started falling from 300 metres before nosediving into a ditch.

The woman was the pilot and only person on board the aircraft and managed to escape the wreckage with the assistance of emergency services and airport personnel.

She was treated at the scene by paramedics for soreness in her lower back but was not taken to hospital.

“Paramedics responded quickly to reports of the crash, and while we expected the worst, this is a very happy and lucky outcome for the pilot,” NSW Ambulance Inspector Andrew Keshawn said.

“It is a miracle she has walked away from the wreckage without any injuries.”

An investigation has now been opened by police and Australian Transport Safety Bureau to uncover the cause of the crash.

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