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You May Think Twice About Swimming At Coogee This Summer

As the weather starts to warm starts to warm up, Sydneysiders start to think about heading to the beach and cooling down in the water.

However, one of the city's most popular beaches among tourists and locals alike has been revealed to be “susceptible to faecal pollution,” after heavy rainfall.


Coogee Beach is one of three beaches in Randwick City that were found to be in poor or very poor condition, according to a NSW Office of Environment and Heritage report.

Malabar and Yarra Bay beaches were also given a poor rating.

The department surveyed 96 beaches in NSW and found 11 to be not up to standard and found:

“(Coogee) frequently exceed(ed) the safe swimming limit after 5mm of rainfall or more,”


A Sydney Water spokeswoman claims stormwater overflow is the main issue.

“Water quality this year at Coogee and Malabar Beaches was heavily impacted by severe, frequent rainfall events, including the wettest January for Sydney since 1988,” 

“We will continue to work with the Office of Environment and Heritage and the councils to look at ways to improve these waterways,”

Randwick Mayor Noel D’Souza claims Coogee, Malabar and Yarra Bay Beaches said that:

“It’s not surprising that the State Government’s water sampling program has found higher levels of bacteria ... The general advice is not to swim during or 24 hours after rainfall,” he said.


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