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Aussie Guy Fighting For Life After Being Bitten By Pet Snake

A young snake handler from North Lakes, Queensland is fighting for his life after being bitten by one of the most venomous snakes in the world. 

19-year-old Nathan Chetcuti is no stranger to snakes. The young python breeder regularly updates his followers through multiple videos and photos on social media.

It is believe that he had recently purchased the inland taipan that delivered the bite landing him in hospital in intensive care. 

His father was present at the time of the incident and is believed to have immediately called emergency services. Chetcuti was rushed to Redcliffe Hospital and his father’s quick actions may prove crucial in saving his life.  

Inland taipans are regarded as having the most potent venom in the world with their venom having the ability to kill an adult within 45 minutes if the bite is left untreated. 

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