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Charli XCX Has Fallen In Love 10 Times

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Photo: Getty Images Charli XCX doesn't believe in 'The One'.The 22-year-old singer claims to have fallen in love 10 times already in her life and doesn't think there is just one special person out there for her or for anyone. Discussing her songwriting, she said: "I talk about feelings, rather than specific narratives. 'Boom Clap' is more about...

Charli XCX Think Justin Bieber Is Really, Really Great



Photo: Getty ImagesCharli XCX revealed recently she's a huge fan of Justin Bieber and would love to write for the Canadian singer. She said: "I like Justin Bieber as a pop star. I think he's really, really great. I really love the song 'Baby'. I think it's awesome. "I would love to. I've never written for a boy before. I don't even know what I w...

Born A Boy, Charli Darling Became A Woman With Rare Condition

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Charli Darling found out she had a rare chromosomal syndrome that naturally transitioned her from a boy into the woman she is today. She lives in Manchester in the UK, and when she went through puberty at 13 she knew then that she wasn't the same as everyone else. She was born with male genitalia but began to grow breasts and her hips widened...

Sia to feature on Blondie album



Photo: Getty Images To celebrate 40 years since Blondie's debut self-titled album, the band is set to release a new album featuring the likes of Sia.The rock band's guitarist Chris Stein has revealed the album would feature new sounds, expanding outside the group's renown punk/rock style, reports ID magazine.Among them is the voice of Australia...

2014's Biggest Hits In One Epic Song

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If you could pick your 25 favourite songs of 2014, what would make the list? We think DJ Earworm's list is up there, with the 25 biggest hits of 2014 mashed up into one song. Watch above and see how many you can pick. Here are all 25 artists and songs. How many did you get? A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera - Say Something Ariana...

5 Reasons Britney Spears is Iggy Azalea's Mystery New Collaborator

Celebrity Gossip


The super talented Iggy Azalea has joined forces with everyone from Rita Ora to Charli XCX, Ariana Grande to JLo to create some of the hottest songs of right now - could Britney Spears be next? Here's 5 reasons why. 1. Iggy Dropped The Hint Iggy Azalea dropped hints of a new song with a mystery "blonde" collaborator earlier this week via Instag...

Every '90s Reference In Charli XCX And Troye Sivan's '1999'



The Internet is going insane over Charli XCX and Troye Sivan's new music video for '1999' so we thought we'd have a little fun with it.  The video pays homage to 1999 and is jam-packed with standout, cultural references from that year across music, film and technology From Titanic to Steve Jobs to Nokia and more, Charli and Troye channel the '90...

VEVO Shares Top Ten Most Viewed Videos Of 2014

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This year was filled with tons of amazing music and break-out stars. There were also a lot of unforgettable music videos. VEVO has released their list of the top 10 most viewed videos of 2014, and it includes the year's biggest and best tunes from your favorite artists.  Coming in at No. 1 is Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX's Clueless-inspired music...

Grammys 2015 Live Coverage



Check out all the action direct from the 57th annual Grammy Awards!The 57th Annual Grammy Awards 2015 is underway at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Rapper LL Cool J will be hosting the show for the fourth consecutive time. Check out all the pics of the Red Carpet arrivals here. LIVE IMAGES: LIVE FEED: ------ LL Cool J ha...

How This 8 Year Old Baker Is Making Six Figures

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This little girl isn't even out of elementary school and she's making six figures monthly by whipping up sweet treats on YouTube! AdAge recently revealed a list of the top earning YouTube channels, focusing on the 'beauty and style' and 'food and cooking' categories.  The highest monthly earner in the 'food and cooking' category is 8-year-old...

Chargrill Charlie's Launches Anti-Aging Salad Range

Food & Wine


Chargrill Charlie's are well known for making simply scrumptious food, but now they’re working on something new that will not only be a treat for your taste buds, but for your skin as well! In a bid to help customers look and feel their absolute best this Spring, the restaurant has launched a new range of Anti-Aging salads that are designed to f...

Chargrill Charlie’s Are Giving Out FREE FRIES Today


Friday 13th is typically seen as an unlucky day in Western culture, but this time around it’s proving to be one of our luckiest days yet because it just so happens that today is not only Friday 13th but it’s also World Fries Day! And what better way to celebrate the day dedicated to our favourite type of potato snack than with the delicious crun...

Brad Pitt Has Moved On With Charlize Theron


UK newspaper The Sun is reporting that Brad Pitt is dating Charlize Theron after being introduced by her ex-fiancè Sean Penn. The new couple were reportedly all over each other at a showbiz function last week. Their relationship is said to have started over Christmas and is Brad’s first serious romance since he split from Angelina Jolie in 2016...

Chargrill Charlie’s are launching a VEGAN burger!

Food & Wine


If you’ve been looking for the best new taste in Sydney, Chargrill Charlie’s have got you covered this week with the launch of their new Vegan Burger. It’s no secret that the common burger is simply one of the best and most versatile foods out there. Any kind of meat, sauce, salad, cheese, you name it, it’s probably on a burger out there. It’s...

Taylor Swift Kicks Off Aussie Leg Of 'Reputation' Tour


By Daniel Oreskovich “Are you ready for it?” - The first words uttered by the pop star at Taylor Swift’s Perth leg of her Reputation world tour at Optus Stadium on Friday night. I mean, I just watched two incredible support acts (Broods and Charlie XCX) for 90 minutes, I think I’m more than ready. In what felt like I was in an epically giant ind...

These Are The Most Popular Pet Names In Australia!


Over half of all Aussie households have pets and reports show that we also LOVE spending money on them. It comes as no surprise then, that we also put a fair bit of thought into giving our furry friends perfectly trendy names. Data has been compiled by Medibank showing Australia's favourite pet names.  Whether you're a cat or a dog person, the n...

This Bun's Instagram Is The Shot Of Cute We Needed



Step aside #catsofinstagram and #dogsofinstagram, one Aussie bun-bun is coming for you. Smudge the mini lop rabbit has sent hearts racing with his adventures in… coffee. In just five short months, @coffeewithsmudge has attracted almost 33,000 followers. Thing is, Smudge’s owners, Gracie Atkins and Brad Reynolds, originally wanted a dog, but bein...

Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan's Breakup Breakdown



LIL XAN AND NOAH CYRUS BREAK UP BUT WHO WAS IN THE WRONG? Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan were dating for a little while, did red carpets together, made a song together and laid on the PDA real  thick. But things are over, and it’s very complicated and dramatic & it's just the pinnacle of a 2018 relationship. Everything unfolded on a series of Insta...

You Won't Believe How Much The 'Stranger Things' Kids Earn!

Celebrity Gossip


How much were you earning at 14? Possibly a few dollars here and there? Well, the kids of Stranger Things are probably earning more than you ever will. No offence, but it's true.  The young stars of Netflix's Stranger Things earn six-figure salaries per episode.  Before the show became a smash hit, the show's child actors were reportedly earning...

2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards: See The Full List of Nominees


Awards season 2019 is officially here and the iHeartRadio Music Awards will arrive before you know it! The annual awards show, now in its sixth year, is set to take place on March 14th live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and will celebrate the most-played artists and songs on iHeartRadio stations and the iHeartRadio app throughout 20...

The Staggering Figure MAFS' Stars Get For Paid Insta Posts



As we found out yesterday, the cast of Married At First Sight may not have been paid much to be on the show, but now thanks to a surge in Instagram following, this is the time where they'll be finally able to rack in the money.  Martha Kalifatidis, who doesn't seem to actually be in need of money as she's admitted that her dad bankrolls her, is...

Hardcore Game Of Thrones Fans React To Final Episode


SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE SERIES! After eight years, 73 gruelling episodes, half a million slayings and millions of dollars, it's all over - Game of Thrones has come to an end.  But, let's face it - this season has copped a lot of flak in recent weeks. More than a million fans have demanded a remake of the eigh...

Billboard Music Awards 2015: Live Coverage



WINNERS Top Artist: Taylor Swift Top Touring Artist: One Direction Top Female Artist: Taylor Swift Top Radio Song: John Legend, 'All of Me' Top Male Artist: Sam Smith Top Rap Song: Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX, 'Fancy' Top Billboard 200 Album: Taylor Swift, 1989 Top Duo/Group: One Direction Top New Artist: Sam Smith Top Billboard 200 A...