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5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Drink Coffee

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Coffee addict? Today is your lucky day!  If you don't already drink coffee, you should probably start because coffee has a lot of weird and awesome effects on the body.  However if you drink TOO much, it'll end up being your worst enemy.  If you consume a cup or two of coffee a day and don't go overboard, here's a list of how your coffee is h...

Six scientific reasons you should drink your daily coffee

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While “free radicals” may sound like a political subculture, they’re actually atoms, molecules, or ions shown to damage cells and potentially contribute to cancer. And, a new study suggests that coffee plays a role in stabilizing those free radicals!  The study, conducted by researchers from Monash University in Australia and Italian coffee roa...

This Genius Worked Out How To Get Free Coffee For A Whole Year!

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For most of us, our daily morning coffee is EVERYTHING.  However a $3/$4 dollar coffee every seriously adds up.. So imagine having FREE COFFEE for an entire year!  Well, that was the case for on guy and now a former Starbucks employee has spilled the beans on how he got away with it..  "He purchased 365 Starbucks cards and registered every on...

Weird and Wonderful Coffee Facts

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Let’s be honest, after a late night out or a busy week, the one thing most of us look forward to in the morning is a hot cup of brew! Although we could be deemed as coffees biggest fans, we had no idea about some of the effects it has on us… or on the economy for that matter! Coffee Fact 1: Coffee can make you smarter. It’s true! Big stateme...

This AMAZING Achievement Is The Most Instagrammed Coffee EVER!

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It's a haven of everything you want in life. Ice cream, coffee and chocolate in one lovely place. ''Coffee in a cone'' is the newest thing to hit the planet and is going crazy through South Africa. Dayne Levinrad is the barista behind the amazing invention claims it is the world's most Instagrammed coffee.  Nearly one million images using #C...

KFC Unveils EDIBLE Coffee Cup!

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GET EXCITED. KFC has just unveiled the UK's first ever edible coffee cup!  They're calling it the 'Scoff-ee Cup'.  The 'Scoff-ee Cup' is made from biscuit wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a layer of glorious white chocolate. This devilish combination keeps the coffee hot and the cup crispy.  KFC Now Has A Coffee Cup You Can Eat http://t...

Two Cups Of Coffee A Day Can Halve The Risk Of Breast Cancer

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A new study has found that two cups of coffee a day can halve the risk of breast cancer returning for women recovering from the disease. Apparently coffee stops the growth of tumours in women who have been treated with the drug tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is the main hormonal therapy drug given to women who haven't already gone through menopause. It i...

You Can Now Wear A Bracelet That Caffeinates You Like Actual Coffee


A new caffeine bracelet has come to rescue all of us from our crazy coffee budgets once and for all!  The bracelet, 'Joule' essentially distributes about a cup of coffee's worth of caffeine INTO you while you wear it!  All you have to do is change the patches daily and keep it on your wrist!  The best part is that instead of resulting in that...

Barista Faces Backlash For Inappropriate Flirty Message On Coffee Cup

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A Starbucks barista has faced huge online backlash for writing an 'inappropriate' flirty message on a teenager's coffee cup.  The coffee employee attempted to woo 19-year-old customer Laura Roberts with a message on her coffee cup by scribbling out part of the caution message, leaving 'Careful, you're extremely hot'.  Roberts' mother, Alex Bla...

He Put WHAT Bodily Fluids In Her Coffee?

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We hope you have already had dinner... and your final coffee for the day. This story has us second guessing leaving our coffee on our desk ever again.  While the majority of workplaces have one or two co-workers that may not get along, the actions of this woman's colleague is unthinkable.  Every morning Pat Maahs brings a coffee to work in he...

Edible Coffee Cups Are The New Thing You’ll Be OBSESSED With

Food & Wine


The Gods have listened.  Introducing edible coffee cups, allowing us to have our coffee and eat the cup too!  The trend is thought to have originated at Sydney-based cafe Piccolo me, where they serve coffee in cookie cups, ice cream cones and even cakes!  Esprookie> baked in store Nutella cookie cup topped with crushed hazelnuts c...

Hot Men and Coffee... could you ask for any more?

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We love our men tall, dark, steamy and rich... just like our coffee. and it seems we aren't the only ones.  If you can't decide between scrolling through Instagram pages of coffee art and hipster cafes or buff men then we have the answer.  A new feed titled "Men and Coffee" has you sorted.  Here's a taste!  Straight chillin with @y...

There’s Now An Alarm Clock That Will Make You Coffee

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There’s no longer any need to dread mornings with this ingenious invention! British designer Josh Renouf has come up with an alarm clock that makes you a cup of coffee in the morning, so you’ve got something nice to wake up to. This alarm clock automatically brews coffee while you wake — Eng...

Tinder Guy Asks To Be Reimbursed For $5 Coffee Date

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Tinder is a numbers game, the more you swipe right, the more dates you’ll get. The downside is the more dates, the higher the chance of encountering peculiar people on the app. For example, here’s a man who fits in the peculiar category, rightfully so after he asked a one of his dates to refund the money he spent on her coffee. One...

Tinder Guy Asks To Be Reimbursed For $5 Coffee Date (1)

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Tinder is a numbers game, the more you swipe right, the more dates you’ll get. The downside is the more dates, the higher the chance of encountering peculiar people on the app. For example, here’s a man who fits in to the peculiar category, rightfully so after he asked a one of his dates to refund the money he spent on her coffee....

Jobe Watson's New Job Will Seriously Surprise You...

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Former Essendon FC Captain Jobe Watson isn't just moving to New York to escape all the dramas that have surrounded his footy career.  On The Footy Show last night, Brendon Goddard spilled the beans, saying that Brownlow medalist Jobe is in fact moving to New York to be a barista!  "He thought it would be a good idea to go over there to experie...

This starbucks Barista Trolls Customers Who Order Fancy Coffees

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This is a smart move by Starbucks to get traction on social media. They introduced a new summery selection of colours and flavours and people have been posting up a storm with them - even ordering coffees just for a social media post. But one barista in the US is finding immense pleasure in ruining those photo opportunities by covering the cup'...

Melbourne Has Just Reached PEAK Hipster Levels And It's Ridiculous

Health & Beauty


Coffee. Where would we be without it? It's a lifesaver first thing in the morning and the perfect pick-me-up during the dreaded 3 o'clock slump. Coffee culture has swept through Australia over the past few years and people are not afraid to speak up when they get what they believe to be a sub par cup of java. So yes, we are a nation of coffee...

Could This Be The Worst Date Ever?

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We all have bad date stories, but it's not often they're documented quite this well. Luckily for our entertainment, writer Anne Thériault was on hand to do just that over the weekend - and it provides one incredibly entertaining read! After overhearing a very awkward first coffee date, the Toronto local decided to share their story with the wo...

Why People Who Have Morning Sex Are Doing It Right

Health & Beauty


Are you the one who wakes up in the morning and has the sudden urge to pounce on your partner? You're not alone - and in fact, you're onto something. It seems that those who indulge in a little morning delight are doing it right, quite literally, as there are a number of health benefits associated. Check out why it's so worth doing! #1: It...

Starbucks Barista's Touching Gesture Moves Customer To Tears

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Half the time when buying a coffee your main concern is whether they've burnt the milk or got your order correct.  But one gesture from a female Starbucks worker in Virginia completely changed a customer's day.  Ibby Piracha visits Starbucks for his morning coffee approximately three times a week, and because he is deaf, he often will text his...

Not quite a Seinfeld Reunion

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Image: Youtube So it isn't as good as a Seinfeld reunion but this is about as close as we are going to get... Jerry Seinfeld is ordered to visit the CEO of Crackle Dick Corcoran (played by Kramer / Michael Richards) who believes the company is being held back by 'snap' and 'pop'. Ultimately, the viral video ends with a 'to be continued'. It a...

Tea Is Now In An Aerosol Can Because Of Course It Is

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One of life’s simple pleasures is a cup of tea, so of course someone wants to ruin it. Heading down the same path as cheese and cream, No More Tea Bags promises hotter, tastier tea by way of an aerosol-style can. The creatively-named product also claims to solve the apparent problem of soggy tea bags, messy leaves and brewing time. Finally....

Why 7 MILLION People Have Watched This Video Of A Drive-Thru Order

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While Starbucks has always been proud of their superior customer service, one recent transaction has gone viral.  On Tuesday, a Facebook user named Rebecca King posted a video of an interaction at a Starbucks drive-through in St. Augustine, Florida and it has since received over 7 million views in two days.  The video is special because King,...

Apparently Starbucks Misspells Your Name On Purpose For The SMARTEST Reason

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You may or may not have fallen victim to it yourself, but Starbucks has quite the reputation for its employees' interesting spelling techniques. Nearly. #starbucksfail — Faye Andrews (@ChiefBrody94) December 12, 2016 the biggest fail in the history of starbucks — ellen (@tinyphiI) Nov...

Australian Cafe Under Fire From Vegans After It Bans Soy Milk

Food & Wine


Vegans have let rip at an Australian cafe on Facebook after it was revealed they refuse to serve soy milk due to health reasons. Healthy food specialists Rough & Bare, which has cafes in Sydney at Mona Vale and St Leonards, were found out after vegan Tiffany Treloar took a picture of the alert in their cafe. “We choose not to serve soy milk an...

Goldfish Tea Is A Thing And It's Stolen Our Hearts

Food & Wine


Gird your loins, your big mug of Lipton is about to look highly inadequate. Because goldfish tea exists. No, they’re not made from the finest goldfish, rather the bags, made from Japanese fabric, look like goldfish. And they’re not just cute AF, they’ve won some serious design awards. Upon hitting the hot water, the bag swells, but get this:...

Starbucks Set To Open First Deaf-Friendly Store

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Starbucks is set to open a 'signing store' in Washington DC, whose staff will all be trained in american sign language (ASL). The store will provide employment opportunities for deaf and people who are hard of hearing, as a part of the company's ongoing commitment to inclusion, accessibility and diversity. All signing store partners will be fl...

This Dancing Starbucks Barista Doesn't Care Who Sees Him

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This Starbucks barista just doesn't care who sees him! A car pulls up blasting The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face and the barista starts droppin' it like it's hot... It's made our day! H/T Elite Daily

The Hipsters Have Taken Exxy Coffee Too Far

Food & Wine


A Sydney cafe has made headlines after the shockingly high price of one of it's coffees was revealed, diving coffee snobs in the process. ONA Coffee in Marrickville in Sydney's inner-west, make a variety of 'boutique brews' ranging in price from $9 to SIXTEEN DOLLARS!!! Sasa Sestic, the owner of the cafe told 'A lot of people think...

Baristas Predict 'Oat Coffee' Will Be The 'Craze of 2019'

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Move over Turmeric Lattes, Nitrogen Coffees and all those crazy caffeinated trends of 2018, there's a new kid on the block... Baristas expect oat milk to be the coffee craze of 2019 after date suggested Australia is split over whether the latte, cappuccino or flat white is best. While the humble latte makes up one in every three orders (33 per c...

Someone Just Made A Kombucha-Based Energy Drink!


It’s super tough to start your day without some sort of caffeine. Ask literally anyone. But of course, in a world when we’re trying to cut down on all the bad stuff in our diet, it’s hard to find a way to get our caffeine hit and make it healthy at the same time. That is until now! Forget your sugary energy drinks or milk-filled coffee! Someone...

Friends Cafe To Open In New York



Warner Bros. has partnered with coffee company Eight O'Clock Coffee to recreate the cafe from beloved TV series Friends to mark the 20th anniversary of the hit show. Fans visiting New York later this year will be able to visit the pop-up Central Perk in downtown Manhattan. The coffee house will be stuffed with actual furniture from the show, i...