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Mornings with Adam - Weekdays 9-12pm

Your most unexpected Twitter follower?

The voice of Siri.

Favourite account to follow on Instagram?
Sarah Hyland along with the stars from my favourite TV shows. The list of my favourite shows is way too long to list anywhere.

What was your first tweet?
Tweeting James Tobin, just after I tried to get on Sunrise with him at Dreamworld.

After The Edge, the first website you visit each day is:
Is that even a serious question, its clearly Facebook, what else?

All-time favourite YouTube video?
Anything from Jenna Marbles is always great, plus I love a video of a crazy rollercoaster.

Who are your best friends on SnapChat?
I don’t have Snapchat. I already have Insty, Facebook & Twitter and know my life couldn’t handle one more so I stay far away from it.

If you made your own social network, what would you call it?
Let's be honest I'm never going to be smart enough to make an app so I'm not even thinking about a name.

What's the first app you check on your phone each morning?
Instagram, that thing is responsible alone for draining 70% of my battery a day.

What do you tell people your favourite TV show is?
NCIS (all franchises)

What's really your favourite TV show?
Psych, but no one has a clue what that show is so I tell them my second favourite. Psych has given me my motto to life, "I'm so good at stupid, I'm stupid good"

Who would play you in the daytime movie of your life?
I would, and I would cast Sarah Hyland as my girlfriend so we could fall in love and run off and elope.

What's the first concert you ever went to?
The Wiggles when I was really young… And I hated them, even as a kid.

Are you a cat or dog person?
Definitely dog person, I have a 16yr old Labrador I got for my 6th birthday.

NRL team: Gold Coast Titans

Coffee spot: There's a café in the middle of Hyde Park, for best coffee I'm still waiting for Zarraffas to get here (anyone who's been to the Gold Coast will know what I'm talking about)

Bar: Which ever one that sells beer OR scotch.

Market: Guys don't do markets.

Brunch spot: Again, guys don't do brunch.

Music venue: Qantas Credit Union or Allphones Arena since that's where the biggest concerts are I guess.

Beach: Burleigh on the Gold Coast because its where I did nippers and first learnt how to surf, but in Sydney Manly cause its closest to where I live.

Holiday destination: I'm desperate to see ALL of America, but my favourite place to go is Port Douglas where one of the resorts has a 5 acre pool.

Restaurant: Pia Zina makes an awesome pizza, or there's this place in China Town, but the name escapes me.

Weekend getaway: Gold Coast to see old friends & family where I can stay at my aunties.

Way to work out: I don’t, food & TV is too tempting. I use to be a swimmer and really need to go back to that, at least that way when you sweat you don't notice it because you're in the water.

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