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K-Sera & The Dirty Dozen - Mon to Thurs 8-10pm

We keep K-Sera busy here at The Edge; from Monday through Saturday, she's delivering the best hip hop and RnB she can get her hands on.

And as the female MC of pioneering hip hop crew Bad Reputation, there's really no better woman for it.

K-Sera has been part of The Edge team since it launched way back when and has an Urban Music Award and an ACRA nomination under her belt for her nighttime show, K-Sera & the Dirty Dozen.

As the only hip hop and RnB countdown on commercial radio, K-Sera & the Dirty Dozen is constantly breaking new music and showcasing independent Australian and New Zealand artists.

K-Sera is also the one responsible for all of those incredible Club Edge Friday and Saturday nights and co-ordinates all of The Edge Mix Masters as well as programming the iHeart Old Skool station every week - told you she was busy!

Listen to K-Sera & the Dirty Dozen every Monday to Thursday from 8pm - 10pm.

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