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Mike E

Mike E & Emma - Weekdays 6-9am

Mike E started his radio career right here at The Edge when he was just 19; from driving the Street Team car to pulling the overnight shift, Mike E kept pressuring the boss until he landed the gig he really wanted - breakfast with Emma.

After a couple of years at various stations, Mike E eventually came home with his OG, Emma, and has been telling western Sydney EXACTLY what he thinks ever since.

While it may be a challenge for him to get through a single day without mentioning his love for hot blonde women, his beloved cat Sadie or that time he "had sex" with Emma, Mike E's actually a massive softie, who'd just be happy if someone would invent a packet of Tim Tams that never runs out.

You can hear Mike E every weekday morning from 6am, only on The Edge.

60 seconds with mike e

1. What’s your favourite Instagram account to follow?


2. What's one thing people don’t realise about your job?

It’s actually not easy to master, it's not just "talking on shit".

3. After Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, what’s your favourite app?

The clock app, I use the alarm frequently.

4. what's your Second favourite song?

Three Blind Mice.

5. What would your stripper name be?  

Mandy Burley.

6. What’s your favourite sex position?

Just lying there making her do all the work.

7. what's the last picture you took on your phone?

Myself dressed as a woman (it was for work).

8. three words to describe Emma?

Little, Feisty, B*tch.

9. What did you think first time you met her?

Thought she sounded hotter.

10. What's the worst thing you've ever said on-air?

Dropped the "F" and "C"... Someone hadn't hit delay.

11. If you were the opposite sex for a day, what's the first thing you'd do?

Touch myself in front of a mirror.

12. What cheers you up?

Other people's misery.

13. What's the best lie you've ever gotten away with?

Accidentally took a $100 bill from my Dad's wallet instead of a $10 and got away with it.

14. What's your favourite pick-up line?

"I'm Mike E from the radio".

15. What's your favourite thing about working at The Edge?

Working three hours a day, sometimes less.

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