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Mike Posner Discusses Fame, Failure, Philosophy And Freaky!

We sat down with Mike Posner and discussed everything from his philosophy of living in the 'now', and how he thinks fame is often a "mask of perfection", to his weird double-jointed handshake!

Watch the videos below!

Mike Posner reveals his single main piece of advice he has for aspiring artists.

Mike Posner tells how he used to think growing up that all the people on television must be super happy, but now that he hangs with some of them he knows it's not always like that.

Mike Posner discusses how he doesn't worry about the future because you're never actually in it, and how he concentrates on the 'now'.

Mike Posner reveals how he had two unreleased albums after his successful debut with 31 Minutes to Takeoff in 2010, and how these possibly not being 'good enough' taught him a valuable lesson.

Mike Posner tells us his childhood nickname, and why it had to change!

Mike Posner has met his match with freaky double-joined fingers!

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