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Farrah Abraham SLAMS Her Co-Stars To Mike E & Emma

Farrah Abraham and Courtney Act joined Mike E and Emma in studio this morning to chat about their upcoming MTV series, Single AF.

The show will follow a whole bunch of famous people around as they try to find love and the Teen Mom star has big hopes for her time in Australia.

But when Emma asked her how she deals with all the haters, Farrah launched a scathing attack on her fellow co-stars, revealing that the only time she cares is when it's the people she works with being two-faced.

"You know I really don't get bothered when it's just other commentators," the controversial 26-year-old said. "I more so get bothered by people who I'm doing a show with who are meeting me and being nice to my face and then go and do negative press.

"Two people on MTV's Single AF right now who are doing it, my other shows, Family Bootcamp.

"There's always a couple who are a little bit jealous."

Farrah's comments come weeks after she served a cease and desist notice to her Teen Mom co-star Amber Portwood for talking badly about her in the media.

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