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Lil Yachty Tells Mike E & Emma What Kanye West Is Like

He may only be 20 years old, but Lil Yachty is taking the music world by storm.

The rapper first came to fame after being chosen to model for Kanye West's third season Yeezy fashion line in February 2016; just two months later, he appeared on hit track Broccoli, which made the top five on Billboard's Hot 100, marking him as one to watch.

And now he's coming to Australia!

Ahead of his headline show at Big Top Luna Park on July 20 - brought to you by The Edge Presents - Lil Yachty had a chat with Mike E and Emma, and there was one thing everyone wanted to know.

What's Kanye West like?

damn pt. 2

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"I've met Kanye," Lil Yachty told the guys. "I think they just don't know who he is.

"A lot of people judge Kanye based off of.. you know... But Kanye's a really nice guy.

"Kanye's extremely nice."

There you go, folks. Lil Yachty has spoken.

(PS. All ticketing info for The Edge Presents Lil Yachty is right here.)

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