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MAFS' Nic Details What Went Down in Leaked Sex Tape

This morning Mike E and Emma chatted to Nic Jovanovic from the current season of Married At First Sight

Nic was matched with Cyrell on the show, with the two having a bit of drama when Cyrell had a full on rage with other contestant Martha


Cyrell has since claimed that the two are no longer together post show, but when Mike E & Emma asked Nic to confirm whether they are still on or off, he kept his lips sealed. 

However they managed to get more out of the reality star in regards to a 'sex tape' starring himself, that was said to be making the rounds online.

Cyrell has seen the the footage, stating that it was not something that occurred on the show but “came from someone in Perth” and that the man in the video was "definitely Nic."

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When probed about the tape, Nic revealed this morning that oral sex was being performed in the video. 

"That's something I'm not proud of. It's from a few years ago. 

"It's a little ten second clip... you can barely even see it was me."

He then went on to claim it wasn't sex in the video, "It wasn't sex, it was oral sex." 

This prompted Mike E to ask, "Is that you doing, or someone doing to you?"

In which Nic replied, "Someone doing to me."


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