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Mike E & Emma Get Roasted By Savage Etiquette Coach

Mike E & Emma were asked to film an 'experience review' with client, Criniti's in Darling Harbour.

They were under the impression that they were going to be having a private two-course meal, tasting new menu items and rating the overall experience, however what they DIDN'T know, was that they were being watched.

It wasn't Criniti's under the microscope, it was Mike E & Emma... and their table manners.

Zarife Hardy from Australian School of Etiquette sat across the room from Mike E & Emma with a notepad, a live-feed of their conversation and she secretly judged the shit out of them while they made fools of themselves.

Zarife commented on their posture, portion size, incorrect cutlery use, body language, ordering technique and pretty much everything that happened at the table.

Watch until the end for Zarife's final review! Do you think she was too harsh or are Mike E & Emma totally feral?

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