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Mike E's Single Guy Tips

Each week on the Mike E & Emma show, Mike E brings us a fresh dose of, ah... wisdom... with his #SingleGuyTip of the week.

Here are his tips so far. (Check back for weekly updates!)

Go to the beach by yourself.
Sit next to a hot girl. Say to her, “I’m going for a swim, can you mind my stuff?”... It’s an in!
Thank them, then chat from there... Then move onto another hot girl & repeat!

Prove you're a protector.
While you're on a date, organise a mate to steal her bag so you can chase them down and rescue it. (A good wing-man will let you punch him!) You'll look attractive and she'll feel like she owes you something.

Whatever she orders on the first date, order the same thing. Food is important to girls - if she feels like you like the same food, already you've got a connection. From there, offer to cook for her some time, 'cos that plants the seed for a second date!

Using "love."
Tell her you've "never been in love before." Sure, you've dated people in the past, but tell her that you've only ever had strong feelings for them & you've never considered yourself to be in love. That way, it'll make the girl strive to be the first one that he falls in love with.

No physical contact on the second date.
If you kiss on the first date, that's fine. But on the second date, act a little bit cold. Don't kiss her, don't hold her hand, no hand on the lower back - no contact at all. If she tries to kiss you, play it off as a peck. Why? Because by the 3rd date, she's going to be even more keen to get physical. 

Get someone who has just been dumped.
Her standards will be lower if you catch her on the rebound. 

Leave her messages on "seen" for a few hours at a time.
If you've been messaging a girl back and forth non-stop, deliberately open a message from her so that she knows you've "seen it," then deliberately don't reply for HOURS. Maybe even overnight. That way, she'll feel like you've struck up a connection, so when the messages randomly stop, the anticipation will amplify her feelings for you. Then when you finally do reply, she'll be stoked. You've got her hooked. 

Look at who she looks at.
If you're in a group setting and everyone cracks up laughing, pay close attention to who she looks at first. If she looks at you, she into you. If you make eye contact during a moment of humour, it means she's trying to create a connection. 

Don't compliment girls too much.
Especially if she's mega hot... She'll think you're a pussy and can walk all over you. If you keep fawning over her, it's not a good look. If you do feel the need to compliment her, use the word "nice" and nothing more. You're more likely to stand out if you hold off on giving too many compliments. 

Then offer to buy her a drink to make it up to her. You’ll look like a gentleman, plus she’ll follow you to the bar - it’s an in! (make sure it’s clear liquid)

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