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10 Things Nikolina Has Been Keeping From You

You may have noticed we've been doing a bit of a shake-down around the Edge office over the last few weeks, focussing on what really matters: What secrets our presenters have been keeping from us.

Luckily it doesn't take a whole heap to get them to spill the beans - if you haven't already, you need to check out Emma's weird foot thing and Mike E's favourite sex position - and so, now, we come to everyone's favourite lunchtime legend, Nikolina. 


1. I once ate a whole jar of olives and had to go to hospital.

2. I’ve done an aqua turd before (I was five years old!).

3. I lived and went to school in Macedonia for a few years.

4. One of my nicknames is "Vanish Girl" because I was in an ad for Vanish washing powder.

5. When I first started high school I rocked a boy short hairstyle.

6. I told my first boyfriend I thought I was a lesbian so that it was easier to break up with him.

7. I have four separate wardrobes in my room.

8. One of my first jobs was the check-out chick at IGA.

9. I was once in a lift with Nick Jonas and told him his smoothie looked gross.

10. I hired a petting zoo for my 21st birthday just cause.

Nikolina, we heart you hard. 

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