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These Are The Most Popular Pet Names In Australia!

Over half of all Aussie households have pets and reports show that we also LOVE spending money on them. It comes as no surprise then, that we also put a fair bit of thought into giving our furry friends perfectly trendy names. Data has been compiled by Medibank showing Australia's favourite pet names. 

Whether you're a cat or a dog person, the names on the list below have proven to be the most popular choices for Aussies and their fur babies. 

Did you pet's name make the list?

The top 10 dog names are:

1.            Bella

2.            Charlie

3.            Max

4.            Molly

5.            Ruby

6.            Coco

7.            Buddy

8.            Oscar

9.            Lucy

10.          Toby

The top 10 cat names are:

1.            Bella

2.            Charlie

3.            Oscar

4.            Max

5.            Molly

6.            Coco

7.            Missy

8.            Mia

9.            Tiger

10.          Jasper

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