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Worker Wins Employee Of The Month For Major Screw Up!

If you are an employee and want to get fired, you would usually do something you knew was going to get you in trouble and make sure everyone knew about it.

A man in the UK wasn't frustrated with the company but more with the it's customers who had told craft beer brand BrewDog that they were not ''punk enough''.

So, he took matters into his own hands and packing manager Graeme Wallace slapped the words ''Mother F****R Day'' on to 200,000 cans of beer.


The cans were quickly recalled but instead of being punished for the endeavors, Graeme was instead given the title of employee of the month!

A spokesperson for BrewDog said: "At another company, someone responsible for a prank like this might have been given the heave ho. At BrewDog, Graeme was awarded Employee of the Month."


Now that's a great company to work for!

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