Carla ‘Biggzy’ Bignasca is a legend ’round these parts, so it’s only fair to include her in our Edge shakedown, right?

We thought, though, after Emma’s foot revelation, Nikolina’s aqua-turd confession and Mike E’s dress-wearing admission that nothing else could shock us.

We were wrong.

Let’s just say there’s a reason Biggzy gets on with Mike E and Emma so well…

1. Emma is not the only half Asian in the team … my mum is Thai and my dad is Italian. That makes me an I-THAI-LIAN.

2. I like smelling my dog, Sir Barks-a-lot’s, breath.


3. I can cook and dream of having my own cooking show.

4. One of my greatest fears is puddles of water on the floor and floating Band-Aids and hair at a public pool. *spews in mouth*

5. I have a bit of a potty mouth, it matches my filthy mind. Ha!

Just horsin’ around w/ Sherry @dianaageras #TerreyHillsforever #weekend #horsesofinstagram ❤️🐴

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6. I used to horse ride competitively.

7. I can’t watch medical shows like Botched, makes my knees collapse.


8. I love the beach but hate it when sand gets in “there”.

9. I am a dedicated yo-yo dieter.

10. After a particularly large night on Vodka, I may have soiled myself and blamed it on the neighbour’s dog.

You do you, Biggzy. We love you. #BiggzyForPresident

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