Mike E and Emma certainly aren’t shy when it comes to talking about their lives on-air BUT it turns out they’ve been keeping things from us. 


The only thing for it was to roll up our sleeves and plug them both for their deepest ~darkest~ secrets.

Emma’s up first; ready?

1. I have two vibrators in my bedside draw.


2. My favourite position in bed is the… canine position.

3. I once auditioned for Australian Idol.

4. I came in top three in the country for Irish Dancing.

5. I can pick things up with my feet. 

Double denim four eyes 🤓

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6. I have a birthmark on my vagina.

7. My first kiss was with a gay boy when I was 16.

8. I can’t burp.

9. I have an irrational fear of static electricity.

10. My nickname in high school was Bangers and Flash because one day my friend flashed my boobs to the whole IT class.


Anyone else feel like we need to see a video of Bangers and Flash picking something up with her feet?

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