Last week we realised that, despite talking about pretty much every aspect of her life on-air, Emma Chow had been keeping secrets from us.

So, obviously, we made her tell us EVERYTHING

And Mike E didn’t get away with it, either.


1. I use a blue sleeping mask that says “Prince Sleeping” on it.

2. My favourite position in bed is “that thing”.


3. I used to be a Scout.

4. I have a really long tongue.

5. I once auditioned for Big Brother.

I like a pussy that bites 🙀 #singlemanwithacat

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6. I can play the guitar.

7. I go around turning power switches off because they annoy me when they are left on.


8. I got circumcised when I was six years old.

9. I still can’t tie my shoelaces.

10. When I was younger my sister made me dress as a little girl and called me Shelley Romer.

Eh, Mike E, any photos?!

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