I KNEW IT, from the minute I saw his little face on my screen that he was going to be a bit of a villain this season.

He can be like ‘blah blah blah editing blah blah’ all he wants, but you say what you say mate.

When Sam was introduced to us in his wedding episode, he confessed that “Honesty in past relationships, it’s gotten me in a bit of trouble over the years. But I’m here to try and work through that and not offending someone.”

Well you failed dude, you failed almost immediately.

When Coco and Sam had the ‘Honesty Box’ inflicted on them, Sam decided it was the perfect opportunity to not hold back.

“Um, I think that she would mostly say I’m a good person, but we didn’t really work out because she didn’t really have the feature I desire, which is a female with a bit of curve.”


“And she was, although gorgeous, I like a girl who has a curvaceous body, like bum, boobs, and she didn’t have that.”

Although this was probably a bit too much information because you’ve now been dubbed the weird ‘boob dude’, you are 10000% allowed to have a type and that’s understandable.

To then DOUBLE DOWN and continue when you can see your ‘wife’ getting uncomfortable, “It’s frustrating for me because it’s like, I need a girl with boobs, and it’s like, not everyone has big boobs. Do you know what I mean? So it’s very frustrating.”


Wow, Sam, pass me a tissue because I’m crying for you.

It must be so hard that you’re not surrounded by bountifully breasted women at all times.

Also, to say all of this KNOWING your ‘wife’ doesn’t have huge boobs or an ass (although let’s be honest, Coco’s body is absolute GOALS so this whole thing is ridiculous), seems like a power play to me.

It feels like Sam wants to undermine Coco’s confidence because he doesn’t like how loud and outgoing she is, so it’s an attempt to make her feel insecure and become more demure.



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