We’re in the middle of Angie’s season on The Bachelorette right now, and it’s been wild. From a contestant revealing he’s already married, to all that drama with Jesse, it’s hard to imagine how they’ll top it.

Angie joined Mike E and Emma in studio to talk about the show, and we asked her about how she overcame eating disorders that she first spoke about on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

“Back when I was at school, it wasn’t something that you really spoke about,” she told us, “whereas I feel like now there’s more of a platform for both women and men to talk about their mental health issues, their eating disorders, they kind of come hand in hand.”

“It wasn’t because I wanted to look skinny, it was for a bunch of other reasons,” she said,

“Is it a control thing?” Mike E asked,

“Yeah, it’s a control thing, if things aren’t going okay at home,” Angie replied,

“Because the ultimate control you can have over your body is what you put in it,” Mike E continued.


“Yeah, and if you slip up, you can get rid of it, it was all quite a mental thing”, Angie agreed.

Hear that and more in our full chat with Angie Kent below!

On a more lighthearted note, we had to get Angie to rate Mike E’s dreadlocks, and much to our surprise, she liked them!

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