Ahhh the ‘Bro Code’, I was waiting for it to make an appearance this season after a whole episode was themed off it in the last Bachie in Paradise.

‘The Bro Code’, what is it exactly?

Guys that follow the ‘Bro Code’ like to think it’s some sort of set of rules for life that ensure you don’t disrespect your ‘bro’, but what it really is is a way to totally disregard the opposite gender as a human being.

ANYWAY enough of that rant, let’s talk about Frazer Neate.

According to the So Dramatic! Podcast by Megan Pustetto an ‘insider’ told the podcast that Elly had been secretly whisked into other rooms to hook up with Frazer during cocktail parties.

“Elly and Frazer were caught on many occasions sneaking off into a private room to hook up. No one really kissed the girls in front of the boys at the cocktail parties, we had an agreement that we wouldn’t do that. we later found out that Frazer had broken the bro code and secretly gone off to a private room in the mansion with Elly on a number of occasions during the cocktail parties to hook up with her in private. We didn’t know about it until the very end of the season, when he admitted it to a few of the final boys.”

Sounds like Elly’s pretty keen on Frazer so honestly, not really sure what the ‘Bro Code’ has to do with it.


Is Frazer supposed to put his hand to her mouth as she leans in for a kiss and just whisper ‘I can’t… the bro code Elly, the bro code.’

I would… actually watch that though.

Even though Frazer seems like the front-runner this season, all might not be as it seems…

According to the podcast, the insider said a lot of drama surrounding Elly and Frazer’s attachment to his ex-girlfriend didn’t make the final cut.

“Frazer told the boys about the relationship in the mansion, Elly found out about it because one of the boys mentioned that Frazer had been discussing his ex girlfriend all the time. She became extremely insecure, and they had a number of arguments about it…She felt threatened, not only because she knew [his ex] was extremely attractive and successful, but also because she was worried he might not be over her yet, if he was still talking about her to the boys.”

Sounds like this ‘insider’ has a real problem with Elly, he must have gotten snubbed by her.