Famous Melbourne based Cannoli makers Cannoleria will begin to ship their perfectly crispy and creamy Italian desserts to Sydney, in a way that’s a little different…

Partnering with Co/Lab Pantry, they’ll be shipping out DIY cannoli kits delivered straight to your door!

The kits come with 12 mini cannoli shells and 6 large cannoli shells, a 450gram piping bag FILLED with Cannoleria’s Sicilian ricotta filling, crushed pistachio and icing sugar.

The boxes are $24 + delivery which is so affordable!

You can buy them one off OR if you’re a bit of a dessert buff like me you can actually sign up for a monthly subscription!

I want to be your best friend if you’re expecting to go through 18 cannoli’s a month, every month. Call me if this is you!



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