He left the Bachelorette mansion the same way he came in – with every girl watching screaming at him – but Ryan has revealed that not all was as it seemed on last night’s episode.

The tradie seemed to stalk from the sofa after being rejected by Sophie and could be heard swearing as he took off his mic.

But when Mike E and Emma quizzed the New Zealander about his potty mouth, Ryan quickly started giggling, admitting that he was more upset about not having a cold one waiting for him.

“I got up and wished Sophie all the best and gave her a kiss goodbye,” Ryan began. “And I looked over to the producer and said, ‘Mate, are the beers on ice?’

“He looked at me and said, ‘No, there’s no beers on ice’ and I was like… This is bullshit!”


Check out Ryan’s full hilarious explanation in the clip above; what a legend!