Beau Ryan has been out of Footy since 2014, when he retired due to a neck injury, but this morning when he joined us to talk about The Amazing Race, he told Mike E and Emma that he actually could have had two more seasons in the NRL if he’d wanted.

“I retired to focus on TV, I haven’t said this before, but I probably could have kept playing if I got a fusion for surgery, but I had a little girl at the time, and I had a neck injury.” Beau told us,

“So how many more seasons could you have played?” Mike E asked,

“I reckon I could have got two more out?” Beau replied,

“Really? But you were like ‘nah, TV!'” Mike E exclaimed,

“It hurt when the Sharks won in 2016,” Beau continued, “I probably wouldn’t have made the team, but I knew man, I focused really hard on what I do and I’ve worked my ass of playing footy, and in TV and Radio is the same.”

Hear our full chat with Beau Ryan below!


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