Brittany Hockley, famous for making it to the final two of Honey Badger Nick Cummins’ season of Bachie in 2018.

Remember? When he famously picked NO ONE and broke two girls hearts.

So when she told Mamamia that “It was always a hard no for me”, we TOTALLY got why. 

However she changed her mind “I ended up signing on at the last minute possible. It was around 8pm on Sunday night [that I signed on] and I flew out on Monday morning”.

Holy heck, that’s as last minute as you can get, girl!

So why the change of mind?

Apparently Brittany’s sister Sherri and fellow Bachie star Laura Byrne had something to do with it!


“I feel like your personality was really subdued on The Bachelor, and you weren’t able to show who you are”, Sherri told her.

Which is a fair assessment, I remember her being very beautiful but not a lot going on personality wise.

I’m glad she changed her mind so Australia can see the real her.

Teasers for the show are already hinting she has a little romance with Timm, an unconventional pairing but SIGN.ME.UP!


Bachelor in Paradise starts tonight on Channel 10

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