Cardi B went live on Instagram again.

You all know you’re in for something good when Cardi B goes live.

She’s seated in front of the camera and CAN I JUST SAY- she is looking like a goddamn SNACC.

She is visibly upset. Something is horribly wrong. Then she opens her mouth.

“Like I shouldn’t be EATING.CEREAL….. Like I should be in a restaurant eating SUSHI…”

Cardi is close to tears and our hearts break as she contemplates the bowl of cereal in front of her. 

It’s an emotional time for everyone. 


“Like why are we going through this…I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT”, she asks the universe and the gods above.

Here’s the thing. I STILL can’t quite get a grasp on Cardi B, is she joking when she does stuff like this? 

Is she self aware? Is it ironic?

Or is she really just the way she is.

I’ll never know but I’ll keep tuning in because she makes me LAUGH.

You can watch the video below!


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