Mike E & Emma had Cathy on the phone this morning to discuss Josh and her break-up last night on MAFS.

Cathy quickly admitted to them that she wasn’t IN LOVE with Josh, she says she was just infatuated with him.

When Mike E asked whether her and Josh had smoothed things over, her reply was “No, I haven’t heard from him”.

Cathy! You could also ring him too you know!

She also discusses with Emma how even outside of the experiment they would never have worked because they are too different as people.

Cathy talked about how she constantly felt blindsided by Josh and felt like she was always thrown under the bus by him, especially in a public setting.

She stated she always felt scared in the relationship, especially when Josh said everything was fine between them, because when “they would go into a public space..there was something he would bring up”


Which is exactly what we saw on the show.

Mike E asks if Josh’s mother was as bad as the show made her out to be and Cathy confirmed,

“Yeah umm…you know, she’s quite threatening….it’s a strong word to use but it’s exactly how I felt”.

Cathy said she was incredibly scared to go to the homestay.

Josh had a dramatic week on social media last week, blasting the show and defending his family for bad editing.

Cathy says it was tough for both of them because they received so much love and support from the fans at first and then it turned so quickly after some episodes that aired.


She dropped a shocker, saying that Josh was blaming a lot of what happened on an edit but Cathy says ” When really…I think that was only 5 minutes of what really happened”

OH MY GOD. So she’s saying Josh was MUCH WORSE than how he was edited?!

Which is just…OUCH-

Check out the whole interview below!


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