This morning Connie and Jonethen came in to see Mike E & Emma.

Mike E likes to end these MAFS interviews by giving the cast a chance to blame the shows editing for anything that might have been misrepresented to the public.

Jonethen is a chill mofo and straight up just said no. 

He went on to say they just splice ‘Ummm and ahhh’s’ which was such an underhanded way of saying Connie is exactly how she’s portrayed on the show which was BRUTAL.

Connie on the other hand had QUITE the piece to say and god it was juicy!

She says it’s easy for Jonethen but she’s the one that’s gotta “cop the backlash from it”.

Connie discloses there was one episode in particular, the episode where all the drama was centred over the thumbs up that Jonethen sent her. 


Connie says that the thumbs up was NOTHING to her, Jonethen had actually said something much, much MUCH worse and the producers of channel 9 didn’t want to air it so they edited it to seem like she was reacting to the thumb emoji thing.

“I’m not going to throw you under the bus right now…” Connie says to Jonnie, before she proceeds to throw him under the bus by saying what he said was “really horrible”.

They wouldn’t expose what was said but after the backlash last year over the word c***, we’re thinking it could possibly be a repeat offense?

What do you guys reckon HE SAID. That would be bad enough to scare the heartless Channel 9 producers….

Listen to the FULL INTERVIEW below!



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