The incredible Jada Pinkett Smith popped into The Edge studio this morning to chat all things Girls’ Trip with Mike E and Emma.

Her hilarious new movie centres around four old friends who get together for a weekend away that quickly gets way out of hand.

But when Mike E asked Jada, who has two kids with husband Will Smith, about a super weird rumour doing the rounds, the actor may have let a little too much slip.

“The rumour is that you’re in an open relationship and I think the quote was, you said ‘I wish’,” Mike E started.

“No no, the rumour was that we were swingers,” Jada quickly said. “It’s much different, much different.

“There’s a big difference between swinging and… [being in an open relationship].”

And when Emma jumped in to clarify the situation, Jada agreed.


“Because then you’re sharing partners instead of doing your own thing,” Emma said.

“Exactly,” Jada replied. “Exactly.

“If there’s ever a lot of mystery around you, people are going to try and fill those gaps with their own answers. People get creative.”

You can check out the whole interview in the link below; see what you think!

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