Mother’s Day is almost upon us once again and so to celebrate, Emma invited her beautiful mum Brenda into The Edge studios.

It wasn’t all going to be polite hello’s and office tours though, we were putting them in front of the cameras!

Brenda kindly obliged to sit down and have a chat about her and Emma’s relationship, covering questions such as, “What’s the funniest thing Emma did as a kid?” and, “Why didn’t you let Emma shave her armpits until she was 13?”… but then it was Emma’s turn to talk, and we didn’t let her off easy.

We put the questions “What was the biggest lie you got away with as a kid?” and “What was the sex ‘talk’ like?” to Emma in front of her mum, see how she answered them all in the video at top.

And of course, a big Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there! xx

Missed Mike E & Emma this morning? Catch up by clicking play below!