We all know Lizzie’s story by now.

She had a shitty time on the show last season.

She got body shamed by her husband…

Then left all alone on their honeymoon…

Then cheated on…

It was bad, we get it.

So ex-contestant Heidi, much like us, seems absolutely baffled that Lizzie would sign on for it all over again. 


Especially considering how she was treat by not only Sam but also the show and the social media hate she received.

Completely BAFFLED. 

Heidi herself is a radio host and during her show on Sea FM expressed this bafflement.

“No! As if! You can’t do it again,’ Heidi said, “If you’d gone through it, you’d be like, ‘Oh no’”. Heidi isn’t the only one. Lizzie’s “ex-husband” Sam also said “I wouldn’t do it again” on an instagram post.


And legendary Cyrell called her BORING in an interview! So clearly she doesn’t support her decision either.

Regardless we wish Lizzie the all best!

Hear Lizzie’s interview with us earlier this week on the podcast below!

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