Everyone noticed her extreme weight loss between her first and second season of MAFS’ but Lizzie is in headlines again because her fans are concerned about her weight.

After being paired up with ACTUAL MONSTER SAM BALL who made comments about her size on the show “‘I’ve never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past” he said on screen and SUGGESTED that she needs to go ‘running in the mornings’ to lose weight.


Lizzie has come out saying her weight fluctuates constantly because she is unwell and she doesn’t glorify it because it’s unhealthy.

She suffers from two health conditions, Porphyria also known as ‘Vampires’ disease which is a chronic blood disorder and a mild form of Lupus.

She’s already addressed that she cannot win when it comes to her appearance with people hating her when she was bigger and now when she’s slim.


“Fans” are leaving comments on her pictures on Instagram concerned about her protruding bones. 

Maybe everyone should just back off on this one and let her take care of her own health?