It seems like an eternity ago when we were entranced by the first season of The Witcher on Netflix in 2019. Finally, we have been blessed with the trailer for season 2 and the release date!

If we’re honest, season 1 was a bit bewildering. We were left on a cliffhanger and the storyline was jumping everywhere. In fact, if you google ‘the witcher season 1 explained’ it comes up with 52,100,000 results so clearly everyone was flabbergasted. Thankfully, season 2 seems to be a bit more straightforward.

In the trailer, we catch up with the hottest monster hunter Geralt (Henry Cavil), and a now mature Ciri (Freya Allan). Having made their way to the Witcher’s home, Kaer Morhen, the next terrifying adventure begins with bigger monsters, new and old characters, and of course… 🙌 DESTINY 🙌


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Not only do we have a cinematic masterpiece to gorge on, but we also have a release date.


Okay so December sounds far away, but we’re already in July and that took all of two days. So if my calculations are correct we basically only have to wait two days.