Lizzo is about to hit Australia for the first time since taking over the world with huge hits like ‘Truth Hurts’ and ‘Good as Hell’. Tickets for Lizzo’s upcoming Australian tour dates are going on sale this week, but before the real sale even began, fake tickets were cropping up for ludicrous prices upwards of $500, in an attempt to scam punters on the hunt for the hotly-anticipated gigs.

Lizzo is hitting the stage for FOMO Festival around the country in January, and subscribers to the event’s pre-sale list received emails letting them in on early tickets. Those early release tickets were sold out practically instantly, and within minutes listings were up on “re-selling” website Viagogo, asking for close to $600 for tickets to Lizzo’s Forum Theatre gig in Melbourne.

Some complaints have been raised that tickets sold out so quickly because the venue was too small, but MusicFeeds points out that for an artist as big as Lizzo looking to have an ‘intimate’ show like her Melbourne gig, these are unavoidable. There are still tickets to FOMO itself are still available so your opportunity to see Lizzo isn’t gone yet!


Regular tickets went on-sale today but that clearly didn’t stop scalpers putting the listings up hoping to catch out anyone thinking they were the real deal. The tickets are definitely bogus, though, as the real tickets aren’t even supposed to be issued until 48 hours before the show.

The Federal Court ruled earlier this year that Viagogo had engaged in conduct that was “liable to mislead the public” for reasons including artificial scarcity and falsely claiming that they were an official seller.

In response to news of the fake tickets, FOMO issued a statement, urging you to Dob In A Scalper if you see them. Here’s what you need to do:

We urge you to be aware that Lizzo’s Melbourne sideshow tickets are sold only via Ticketmaster. Tickets are dispatched 48 hours before the show – literally none of these bots like Viagogo are selling valid tickets.


Ticketmaster was unsurprisingly met with remarkable demand for the Lizzo pre-sale this morning at Forum Melbourne. As advertised, the pre-sale allocation for this show was released at 9AM today (Monday 18 November) and sold out very quickly.

With Lizzo being one of the most popular artists in the world right now, demand was always going to be extremely high. We expect the same demand for the general on sale tomorrow. Those who miss out will have a chance to see Lizzo perform at FOMO Festival in Melbourne on Sunday 12 January.

We encourage you to participate in our DOB IN A SCALPER initiative. If you find anyone trying to sell Lizzo tickets for extortionate prices please email us at and we’ll ensure FOMO/Ticketmaster/Forum Melbourne investigate it. We want tickets in the hands of REAL fans and we want to take these scamming ass-hats down.

To clarify, one more time, Viagogo, eBay or Facebook Marketplace are NOT authorised ticket sellers.

If you have successfully purchased tickets for the Lizzo sideshow at Forum Melbourne through Ticketmaster, you will be sent your tickets at 9AM Monday 6 January. This means no one will have tickets in their account until this date. Any posts you see from Viagogo or similar claiming to have tickets to sell are FAKE. Scammers on these pages do not have valid tickets to sell and are just trying to swindle you out of your money.

We urge you – please don’t be fooled.


FOMO Fest is on in January 2020, hitting 6 major cities, get your tickets via their website!

Brisbane: Saturday January 4th
Adelaide: Sunday January 5th
Perth: Friday January 10th
Sydney: Saturday January 11th
Melbourne: Sunday January 12th
Auckland: Wednesday January 15th