This season of the Bachelor has been incredibly tight-lipped, with Dr. Matt Agnew himself misleading us the whole way along with offhand comments and “accidental” slip-ups in his Instagram location, but it turns out there wasn’t total silence. Now after four months of forced silence, Chelsie and Matt were finally able to be open about their relationship.

Turns out that not even their parents knew what the result was, because they were too concerned that they’d blab about it;

“[My family] didn’t know whether to be sympathetic or excited for me when they were watching the episodes”, Chelsie told us.

“I didn’t tell my mum because she’s an absolute gossip”, she continued.

Mike E didn’t think he or Emma could keep up such a top act though; “Can you imagine keeping a boyfriend for four months from your mum?” he asked Emma,


“No, I can totally understand, if I told my mum she’d tell all her friends, because she’s so excited, you know!”, Emma replied.

But the secret wasn’t completely safe; both Chelsie and Matt told a few of their closest friends.

“And you trusted them?”, Mike E asked, shocked.

“Yeah, I trust them”, Chelsea replied.

But of course he would be; “My god, I wouldn’t, my mates are shit”, he continued.

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And the story was similar for Matt; “If [my mates] were feeling particularly opportunistic, they could have, I guess, made a profit handsomely”

But they didn’t and we were dragged right along to the end when the producers decided to flip the normal script and make us think Abbie had won by having her meet with Matt second on the show.

You can catch our full chat with Chelsie and Matt here;

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