Today on Mike E & Emma we had guest lovebirds KC Osborne and Drew Brauer who were one of the ‘intruder’ couples on MAFS earlier this week. 

Emma asked whether the couple felt pressure to catch up on their relationship prior to the first dinner party they were attending (which airs tonight!)

“As far as talking about our feelings on the honeymoon, we were kind of pushed to really get there….” KC divulged, “…and then the dinner party, you’ll see tonight”, she ended with a glint in her eye.

OH boy! We’re officially expecting the drama to go down tonight. 

KC said she got the cold shoulder and that Drew had an entirely different experience!

Mike E, in classic Mike E fashion, bluntly stated “Women hate other women” and look, we don’t think he’s entirely wrong!

Women (and men at times) can get really competitive and cruel when feeling challenged. 


Drew agreed with this, “Women can be RUTHLESS!”, he said knowing what KC had gone through on the show, colour us curious!

Mike E brought up the fact that Drew has a FEMALE roommate and look, who wouldn’t be jealous?

It was a hot topic on the show last night and it was incredibly obvious that KC wasn’t happy about it. 

Mike E firmly believes people of the opposite sex can’t be platonic, he reckons theres always one of the pair that wants something more.

“If you’re gonna have a roommate, and it’s a girl….surely you’ve been there” 

Drew immediately responds to this with a solid “No.”


He lives by some solid share house rules that we should all abide by including:

“The golden rule… ‘Don’t screw the crew”

That’s some good advice Drew, thanks man!

But the real question is whether KC is cool with it or not.

In response she said “I know it comes across as jealous…I cringed a bit watching it last night” .

But in her defense she had to ask the hard questions because Drew wasn’t giving her much, which came across as super shifty Drew!!


Fair enough KC! We’d do the exact same thing. 

‘The Roommate’ is going to come up again in their relationship so YIKES, a lot more to explore there! 


Check out the whole interview on the podcast below!

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