Iggy Azalea joined Mike E and Emma on the Edge to talk about her new single, Savior ft. Quavo!

The song is a breakup banger that takes you through the entire journey from sadness to realising you can be happy by yourself. 

“When I started writing the song I felt like I wanted to give up,” she confessed.

“That’s what the first verse is talking about… Looking for love in somebody else to bring you out of your darkness.” 

But her desire to look for fulfilment in others came to an end when she realised she can be happy alone. 

“The second verse I wrote maybe a year after the first verse,” she told Mike E and Emma.

“Actually I don’t need somebody else to help me out of this.”


Iggy admits that writing music has always been a form of therapy for her. 

“[The reason] I got so interested in music to begin with is because I kinda always got bullied a bit at school… And i’m from the country so there’s not too many activities that you can do and I really liked writing and music.”

Check out Savior below!

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