Most of us have been watching the season since the beginning so why am I being PUNISHED right here at the end.

I’ve been nothing but LOYAL and this is how you treat me?

90 minutes…two couples…45 minutes per couple…22.5 minutes per person…

None of the contestants are interesting enough to hold my attention for 22.5 minutes, sorry ‘bout it.

We knew Seb and Lizzie were gonna say yes, they’re SEEMINGLY smitten with each other.

So really, the only reason everyone tuned in was to see what on EARTH Mishel was going to do with Steve.

I sat and I prayed, for the women, for women EVERYWHERE, Mishel, please, DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.


Steve has been a floppy fish this whole time, leading her on, misleading her, lying to her, lying to the cameras – He stinks.

Down with Steve.

What a crazy thing to say I met a stranger two months ago and now I can openly say I love you. I’m so thankful I have you in my life, forever”,

His vows said, but like Steve, you’ve been saying I love you this whole damn time, the issue is MISHEL WANTS TO BONK.

And she gave it to him baby!


“The fact you kept telling me you were not attracted to me made me doubt myself, doubt my attractiveness, lose confidence and strength…In all honesty, Steve, although it hurts me to admit I feel like you have been stringing me along this whole time. What made me stronger was your rejection. I have felt the least attractive, least sexual I have ever felt in my whole life. Believe me when I say to you that I, Mishel, the woman who stands in front of you, does not need to be validated by a man. A person comes into your life for a reason or a season. And Steve, our season together is over. We are done. Steve, you have wasted my time.”

Sorry that’s a big ass quote but the woman’s speech NEEDS TO BE HEARD.

Good for you lady.

You’re batshit insane but I love you and you deserve happiness.