Lil Nas X’s huge year continues; from setting chart records to releasing one of the best music videos of the year, it’s crazy to think that just a year ago he was sleeping on his sister’s floor. We found out a while ago that he was gay, but have heard nothing since about who he might be with, if anyone, but we’ve just heard news from the man himself, and it sounds like he might be taken!

Continuing his crazy breakout year, Lil Nas X has now officially cemented himself as “cool with your mum” by appearing on Ellen, performing Panini live, just as the track celebrates its’ rise to 14th in the Billboard Hot 100, marking the first time he’s had two singles in the Top 15 since starting his career. While he was there, Lil Nas X spoke with Ellen about coming out, his family, and and the reaction he got;

“The same month I came out, I told [my dad and sister] and pretty much gave them a heads-up a little earlier in the month before I did it,” he said.

Lil Nas X, the true internet master he is, came out through Twitter, with a picture of the cover from his debut EP 7, captioned “deadass thought i made it obvious”


Lil Nas X did think he should have come out earlier, but chose to wait because he was concerned how that would affect the people around him, but was still glad he did because “it would be good for the youngins who are listening to me right now and are going to have to go through stuff like this in the future.”

Ellen asked the rapper “are you in a relationship right now?”, to which he responded with a shifty glance and said “somewhat, somewhat”.

“Because you’re very good looking”, Ellen continued, accurately (because let’s be honest, who else could pull of some of the insane looks Lil Nas X dons as well as he does).


Check out Lil Nas X’s full performance of Panini on Ellen here;

If you can’t get enough of Lil Nas X, you can catch him any time on his iHeartRadio Artist Station;

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