Lizzie Sobinoff has been the talk of the season despite only joining halfway through as an intruder bride. 

She had a horrible run last season, when married to actual-monster Sam Ball who has come out to say he wishes her luck. 

Okay maybe we’re being a little harsh, we know how reality tv shows twist things around and make villains out of people.

But back to Lizzie, we love Lizzie. Lizzie has been through a lot over the last year and has handled herself as well as one can expect. She deserves to find love!

She arrived back on the show last night, marrying a new and seemingly sweet AFL star Seb Guilhaus (he is gorgeous). 

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Lizzie used her new wedding as an opportunity to rip into her old one which was to be expected.


Lizzie discusses her decision to return with Mike E & Emma. When asked what she thought when the producers called her to ask her to come back, Lizzie said “YES!” immediately, not a second thought to be had. 

“This is the thing….people were so focused on the cheating and SO focussed on what my appearance looked like…I was just like…guys…I just want to find someone!!”


Listen to the full podcast below!