Mike E & Emma dive right in asking Ivan whether Aleks and himself did the deed, just to get the question out of the way.

Ivan immediately responds  “No one’s business guys” and good on him for sticking to his message, even post show.

Rumour: Did he tell Michael and Josh to have his back on live tv?

Ivan says he did talk to Josh about having his back but not Michael. 

He stated that Aleks had had private conversations with Josh and Michael about their sex life and that it was private and not supposed to be public knowledge. 

There is a difference between confiding in friends off air and talking about it to the nation on a couch with two fake therapists so we get that.

Ivan said that Aleks had started telling him that she might only see him as a friend and it’s only then when Ivan went to Josh and said don’t let her say that there was never any romance or attraction when you know there was from your private conversations.  


He clarified it was NEVER meant it to be an attack like it ended up being and that’s why he kept trying to shut down the conversation, but that came across as shit. He knows.

Rumour: Michael claimed that Aleks was going on dates with guys outside the experiment

Ivan said “there is absolutely no truth to that” and good for him for having her back. 

Emma brings up Mishel, asking why she was also calling Aleks out about it as well!

And that is when Ivan says “Look, she’s a little bit cooked when it comes to this subject” and boy did we CACKLE at that. 

He confirms Mishel and Aleks went out and that some guys took photos with them because they’re ‘MAFS Girls’, which uhh okay sure…and then the rumour mill started from that! 


Rumour: Homestays are actually Air BnB’s

Mike E asks Ivan if he hails from the shire and he immediately gets a little suss.

Ivan says “I am I am.. Its close”

Emma then directly asks “but that place wasn’t the shire?”

Ivan then says “It was temporary accommodation….but I don’t want to go into it too much”



He says that not all homes are airbnb’s but for him that one was temporary accomodation.

He wouldn’t disclose why they couldn’t use his real home but it SOUNDS like they had issues with their landlord on getting filming rights.

Ivan says it isn’t a choice and the shows “general expectation is that you DO have it in your own home”

Rumour: You lost your real estate job because of the show

Ivan says this isn’t true, he’s actively selling houses and taking selfies everyday!

So if you’re in the money for a house, hit Ivan up! We’re sold on his personality so he must be a great salesman. 


Ivan goes further in depth with his relationship with Aleks during the show, how he truly feels about her and how the show gives him cheesy edits.

Listen to the full interview below!

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