Mike E & Emma had the delightful Lizzie Sobinoff on air this morning.

First off the bat, is she still with Seb?

We don’t know what we expected but obviously she couldn’t confirm, you just gotta try sometimes!

Lizzie goes on to say she’s “GENUINELY HAPPY” no matter what happens which…. this is just speculation….but that sounds like they’re not together…

There are rumours floating around that Seb and Lizzie have gotten keys cut together…which sounds like they ARE together.

Lizzie immediately shut that down saying everyone is mistaken…which sounds like they’re not together.

She was actually getting a ring engraved for Seb for his birthday…which now sounds like they ARE together…


The whiplash!!

Finally, There have been rumours floating around that Stacey cheated since Vanessa said there was an unrevealed scandal over the weekend!

She starts off by responding to these rumours with a ‘I don’t know’ but then immediately goes on to saying “IF something did happen, it was in the time period that Stacey and Michael were not together…this was like when everyone was having a bit of a break”.


Why would you say that unless it happened? You wouldn’t. It definitely happened.

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